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Computer Artwork

A number of programs exist which simplify computer assisted artwork. The most common of these are the various graphics programs, such as Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop and Illustrator; and Corel Draw and Photopaint, to name a few.

Other specialized programs exist for specific purposes:

  • CorelBryce™ is a 3D graphics creation program designed specifically for creating incredible natural (and fantasy) landscapes, seascapes, and many other variations of natural looking environments. Though not specifically designed to work with text, some very interesting and beautiful scenes can be created much more easily than with most other 3D graphics programs. Here are some samples of Bryce artwork that I have created.
  • Adobe Flash™ is an exciting technology that brings high quality, full color multimedia to the Web in a compact movie format that is feasible at Web speeds. These movies are fully scalable without loss of image quality. They are easily viewed with a free plug-in that comes included in the newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome. Here are some samplesof Flash animations that I have created.

The artwork linked to from this page was created by Robert B. Reed, and all images are © 2000-2004 Robert B. Reed. All Rights Reserved.



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